Solar Aquatics System tm


The Solar Aquatics SystemTM duplicates, under controlled conditions, the natural purification process of fresh water streams, meadows and wetlands. Using greenhouses to enhance the growth of algae, plants, bacteria and aquatic animals, sewage flows through a series of aerated, plant covered tanks and constructed wetlands where contaminants are metabolized or bound up. The sewage treatment process occurs in several stages and typically is completed in less than three days for advanced tertiary treatment.

Through aeration and bio-augmentation, complex organic compounds such as fats, proteins, starches and certain inorganic compounds are transformed into simple soluble compounds, biomass, carbon dioxide and water. By-products of these processes provide food for higher organisms downstream in the system. Nitrifying bacteria, algae and plants metabolize nutrients in the waste stream.

Ammonia is converted into nitrate and is directly metabolized by green algae and higher plants. Snails and zooplankton graze upon solids within the system.

The waste stream then flows through a series of filters that include microscreen, pleated strainers and an ultra-filter where all solids are removed. After ultrafiltration an ultra-violet disinfection system renders the effluent suitable for groundwater recharge, irrigation, fish farming and many other non-potable uses.

The filtration components remove solids that include microbes that are then reused in the SAS process or sent to an aerobic worm composter.


from The filtration components are reused the microbes in the SAS process or to an aerobic worm composter.

Cleans Water

Solar Aquatics Systems produce safe, clean water and biosolids for reuse in a number of applications such as irrigation, aquifer recharge, reuse in buildings, wetlands and industrial process water.

Beautiful & Green

Solar Aquatics Systems are typically contained within energy efficient solar greenhouses filled with lush vegetation. Extensive aeration produces a near odourless environment allowing the systems to be located in the center of communities.

Simply Built

Solar Aquatics Systems are built using reliable, high quality materials and equipment. The structures use highly durable, lightweight components that are easy to assemble.

Replicates Nature

Solar Aquatics Systems  are chemical free and resilient to failures by using diverse aquatic ecosystems as the primary treatment process, replicating millions of years of evolution.

Grows Plants

Solar Aquatics Systems are designed to transform sewage into clean water, soil and plants such as aquatic pond plants, flowers, tree seedlings and garden plant starts.